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Port of Mischief Punch - Charlotte Voisey 6 Jul 2011
9:56 am

Looks delicious.
A few quick follow-up questions:
1) Charlotte didn’t add the 1 part water called for in the recipe… an oversight, or is it optional based on the expected dilution via melting ice, or what?
2) recipe for making the spiced simple syrup (or at least the flavor profile?)
3) the port looks like Warre’s King’s Tawny port… yes? Any particular recommendation on the profile to look for in a port for this recipe?
I’ve been experimenting with making punches for parties and this looks like something I’d like to dry, for sure. Thanks.

Port of Mischief Punch - Charlotte Voisey 6 Jul 2011
2:49 pm

Thanks Kathy & Charlotte both for your quick replies. I’m looking forward to making some Port of Mischief punch myself and feel very confident I can now, if with slightly less style…
One more quick question… while I have you :) :
I’ve enjoyed the Sailor Jerry’s spiced rum before, however, I have a full bottle of Cruzan 9-spiced rum on hand (which I haven’t yet opened/tried)... any thoughts on how that’ll work?