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Wet Martini Cocktail 21 Jun 2009
3:45 am

Robert, The response you had for David and Dinah really helped clear up questions I had about the pre-prohibition martini. The biggest reason is I hate traditional Martinis. The first Martini I ever drank tasted like the bartender poured Pinesol in a glass and served it to me. Since then I’ve never had another cocktail with gin. Vodka all the way. But this segment gave me a ray of hope that I might be able to try another traditional Martini. I like the idea of balance in a cocktail. I have always thought that but didn’t realize that’s how a cocktail is supposed to be made since a large portion of bartenders rarely achieve balance in a cocktail.  I also like the fact that you bring the art back into cocktails which I find is rare. I have a copy of the New York Bartender’s Guide and would like to try several different cocktails. I have yet to find a bartender that can make a drink that I would like to try from that book. They always ask me what’s in that? Now granted if I were asking for a strange off the wall drink from an obscure text I would expect that but this is from a book that has been in circulation for decades that I thought was considered a bible for bartenders? Many times I’m almost offended they are asking, especially a cocktail that is a classic.  Is there a bar in Seattle you would recommend above anywhere else in town? I’m not looking for a trendy, hip, loud, obnoxious meat market which seams to be the norm for some of the most popular spots. Just looking for a comfortable, welcoming place were the cocktails are fab and so are the people and I don’t have to bring my own copy of the Bartender’s Drink Guide in order to try something new.  :)