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How to Make Rum Punch 27 Jun 2011
2:10 am

Mr. Hess,

In the video, Chesterfield Brown empties the entire bottle of rum into the bowl, which I’m assuming is 750 mL. When converted to ounces, it comes out to a little more than 25. I’m planning on making this for our guests at my family’s Fourth of July gathering but am unsure of how much rum to use because the instructions listed call for 19 oz and not 25.

Whiskey Sour Cocktail 19 Nov 2011
5:16 pm


Every time I dry shake the ingredients to emulsify the egg, they start to splash out of my shaker (Boston). I thought perhaps I had not made a tight enough seal at first, but no matter how many times I do it, the same thing happens. Do you know why this is? I decided to include the ice in the shake and I did not encounter this problem.

French 75 Cocktail 23 Feb 2012
10:11 pm


I recently picked up a copy of The Savoy Cocktail Book the other day and was flipping through it and noticed how it seems to be lacking specific units of measurement like you mentioned above. I can figure out what the fractions (e.g. 2/3 gin) mean, but what I don’t understand is when the cocktail recipe calls for “glassws.”

For example, the President Cocktail calls for 2 dashes of grenadine, the juice of 1/4 orange, and 1 glass of Bacardi.

Am I correct to assume that a glass refers to a standard jigger? Perhaps you could clarify this for me.