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Mai Tai Cocktail 15 Jun 2011
6:17 am

Hey Robert,

congratulations to your videos. They are really nice…I like them.
There`s only one thing that gives me the creeps every time I see it: the Bacardi Light Rum.
A long time ago, when Cuba wasn’t communistic and Bacardi was producing in Cuba, Bacardi was really good and innovative. But growing and getting popular the distillery grew to chemical factories. You always claim not to take artificial / chemical ingredients. I appreciate that. But I would never take Bacardi as a quality product. Nigher the White nor the Black or Oro`. ( The 8 Year old one is quite nice…). There are other better tasting, smoother and less industrial Rums like the Appleton White (Jamaica) or my personal favorite Matusalem Platino.
Comparing them side by side the Bacardi tastes sharp and artificial.
An interesting variation is to a White Rum like Blue Bay White, that tastes a bit like Rhum Agricole, giving a fresh fruity side to the Mai Tai.