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Old Cuban Cocktail 14 Jun 2009
2:38 pm

First time I’ve heard of this drink ... and I love it! It reminds of a wonderful drink I had when I was in Manhattan this past spring. I asked my sister (a native) what her favorite bar in the city was and she took me to a champagne lounge, Flute. ( The environment was exactly what i expected from my sister .... very elegant but not my style. Their signature champagne cocktails seemed a little bit frou-frou for me, but as soon as i tasted their Champagne Mojito, i was convinced that they had a serious mixologist at the helm. I do however like this recipe better—the darker rum and bitters make a much more complex drink. and i like that its served straight-up ... i don’t need a garden of mint in my drink!

robert, i know you’ve posted the old-school champagne cocktail, and now with this entry, I am interested in any other champagne or sparkling wine cocktails you know. my wife won’t touch the bourbon old fashions or gin-based drinks i love to make, but adores it when i make a cocktail with champagne.