David B.

since June 2009


Daiquiri Cocktail 5 Jun 2009
11:45 am

The Daiquiri has quickly become a favorite when entertaining at my home bar.  Recently I’ve started using Key Limes instead of the regular Persian Limes with good success.  You have to be careful to not let any of the pith or the seeds make their way into the drink but if you can manage you’ll get a really nice treat.

Kevin Diedrich - Burritt Room - San Francisco 18 May 2011
12:48 pm

This looks like a terrific cocktail, the pepper infused rose water is an interesting (in a good way) touch. The recipe list is a little off, though.  The blackberry syrup isn’t listed and it looks like he used Creme Yvette instead of Creme de Violette.