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Bellini Manhattan Cocktail 18 Nov 2011
6:03 am

Interesting.  Will definately be giving this a try.  Keep them coming Kathy!

Maracuja Mosquito Cocktail 30 Sep 2011
1:08 am

Brilliant!  Have really been enjoying your vidoes of late Charlotte.  Love the way you describe the ingredients that you use, with a touch of history, its flavour profile and how it compliments the drink.  Look forward to more videos.  Thanks. Ian

Vermouth in Cocktails - The Golden Ratio 3 Feb 2011
12:51 am

Definately interesting.  I know what Ill be doing at work tonight!!!

Derby Cocktail 6 May 2010
1:50 am

Holding Bourbon as a favourite, whilst still not having found the perfect cocktail to truly appreciate Benedictine, I am very excited by this drink.  Maybe this will open my eyes to such a historic product.  Celebrating its 500th year, its definately one I would like to be using more frequently.

Vacation Cocktail 6 Jul 2009
5:42 am

A question that I hesitantly ask, is that exactly how will the balance of this cocktail be affected, by the omitence of the Peach Bitters.  Unfortunately, I have none on hand, but still plan to attempt The Vacation.  Im maybe naively assuming that the inclusion of products with such depths as Aperol, and a rather sweet Cachaca, that I may just get away with it.  Your thoughts?

Apologies to all for my currently poorly stocked bitter status.

21st Century Cocktail 6 Jul 2009
7:24 am

An interesting range of opinions.  Well, Im off to source a good white/silver tequila this evening before my shift.  So, armed with this, I shall attempt both the 21st Century cocktail and the Diablo.  I shall let you know my thoughts.

Old Cuban Cocktail 8 Jun 2009
5:28 am

The “Old Cuban”.  I think that this will be a very interesting cocktail for my guests.  The slogan @ my cocktail bar is, “Famous for Mojitos”.  Whilst this has proved to be a great success in selling the drink of the house, it also makes it that little more difficult to sell the true classics.  But were getting there.  This could be just the perfect link between the contemporary sweet summer drinks such as the Mojito, to more classic drinks described so well by yourself as spirits of any kind, sugar, water and bitters.  I will certainly be sampling this tonight and it will be interesting to get some feedback.

Fred, I think that you answered your own question there my friend.  The 2 oz of Champagne means that this ingredient is somewhat integral to the drink.  If you are insistant on not using it, without having tried, I think that the ingerdiants would still work, but an extended stir would be necessary allowing slightly more dillution, and in my humble opinion, a slightly better balanced drink.

Robert, on a personal note, I would like to express my gratitude regarding your replys to previously posted comments.  Its great to be able to converse with yourself directly, and to hear your feedback regarding any ideas and/or issues.

Old Cuban Cocktail 9 Jun 2009
3:05 am

As promised, I mixed a few Old Cubans last night to a few of my trusty, experienced paletted guests.  They only had positive feedback, and were very impressed with the new drink.  After tasting it myself, I was suprised by how smooth the drink actually was.  Well balanced.  Only to see this morning, that I commited a schoolboy sin, by totally forgetting the fresh lime juice.  Therefore, this is something that I will of course rectify this evening, but with a rather presumptious attitude, I think that I may prefer the mistaken recipe.  I will of course, let you know!

Ian, I thought that you were impersonating me for a second then.  Not that you would necessarily want to.  It just felt that way.  I much prefer what Robert describes as a “Rich SImple Syrup”.  With a ration of 2:1 Sugar:Water.  For practicality behind the bar, I then transfer this into 1.5 litre jugs and heat via the heating arm of the coffee machine.  A 1.5 litre batch can be fully dissolved within 40 seconds without any danger of bringing the solution anywhere near the boil.

One last thing, Robert Ive been scouring a few online bookstores that are UK or European based to order your book.  But to no avail.  Is this possible or will I have to revert to a US site?

Old Cuban Cocktail 9 Jun 2009
10:34 am

Wow, this recipe has even more to it.  I was impressed with the smoothness and balance pre lime juice, a little sweet I would agree, but still a very good drink.  With the added ingredient of fresh lime juice, it takes this drink to a new level.  I will certainly be reommending this to many of my guests.  The only problem with a drink this delicious in this size glass, is that it doesnt last nearly long enough.  Or is that just in my case.  Robert, thanks again for introducing us to another great cocktail.

East India House Cocktail 4 Aug 2009
4:11 am

At what measures are we using for a tsp guys?

Moscow Mule Cocktail 2 Jun 2009
3:56 am

As Ginger Beers is described as somewhat spicier, woudl it not therefore be possible, that if using Ginger Ale, a disciplined dash of Angostora could assist this version of the Moscow Mule to step a little closer to its origin?

Champagne Cocktail 1 Jun 2009
5:34 pm

Mr Hess, it would be great if possible to receive some feedback about this.  I, like the previous poster always use a brown sugar cube, as stated in most(?) respected cocktail books.  Also adding the sugar first, then soaked with a drop or two of Angostora, followed by Champagne.  Is there any specific reason why the sugar is added afterwards.  To me, this only adds complication which looks somewhat awquard.

Also, tilting any Champagne bottle at 45 degrees before easing the cork, will almost always dispell opportunity for the Champagne to react and “erupt” somewhat.

Absolutely loving the videos.  A real education.  A little off topic, but Im a big fan of Bourbon whisky.  More so, when incorperated in cocktails.  Except I never really appreciated the Old Fashioned.  Until Sunday evening, when after my shift, I hesitantly convinced myself to give it one last try.  Following your instruction, I was rather intensely suprised, how beautifully balanced this cocktail is.  Normally my palette tends to experience difficulties with Angostora.  Not any more.  Much appreciated Mr Hess!

Cosmopolitan Cocktail 1 Jun 2009
5:03 pm

Im somewhat suprised regarding the fact that a flaming orange zest as garnish has not been contributed.  The carmelised juices from a flaming orange zest into the drink, then coated around the rim add an extra dimension to the orange flavours with an extra freshness.

Wet Martini Cocktail 1 Jun 2009
6:03 pm

I love it when any client of mine asks for a Martini.  With so many contemporary cocktails proving so much more popular, I always imagine Speakeasys when I stir a Martini.  Orange water is something that I have never tried and therefore plan to order and experiment.  I also agree, that whilst James Bond is a very cool character on screen, he has been invented from a book, and I Mr Hess, will take your side every time.  Having said that, after the recent release of the latest bond, a peaked interest in a Vesper Martini has occured which I encourage greatly.  However, I like to add a flamed orange zest as I feel it adds that much needed balance to a terrifyingly strong drink.  Qouted in the “Diffords Guide” as, enough alcohol to drop a Rhino, or something along those lines.  I also feel that with most drinks in a “cocktail” glass.  The glass should be pre-chilled, and the cocktail should always be double strained.  First through the hawthorne followed by the sieve!  Heres to the rejuvination of such classics, like the Martini.  Cheers!