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Fancy Whiskey Cocktail 17 Mar 2011
5:22 am

Hi Robert, I wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your videos. I try to make a new drink every week, so I look forward to your latest videos. I have one question for you though. I have looked everywhere for a reasonably priced martini glass with a 5.5-7 oz. capacity. The one featured on the cover of your book looks perfect, but I can’t find a glass like that anywhere. Does anyone know where I can get a glass like that online? Many thanks!

Fancy Whiskey Cocktail 20 Mar 2011
5:48 pm

Robert and Chuck. Many thanks for the replies.

Robert, unfortunately I could never fit 36 friends in my apartment, so I might have to wait on those Libbey glasses! However, I took your advice and went to an antique store yesterday. I bought a few nice glasses that are a lot better than what I had. Thanks for the tip!

Chuck, I really like the look of those Bornioli Rocco glasses. I might order a set.

I’m thinking about upgrading from my three-piece shaker to a Boston Shaker. Do you guys have any online recommendations for a good one?

Fancy Whiskey Cocktail 20 Mar 2011
6:52 pm

Chuck. Thanks for the Boston Shaker website. I was browsing the site, and it seems they sell the Libbey glasses Robert was talking about individuality: They are $8 each, but at least you don’t have to buy 36 of them.

Beach Bum's Own Cocktail 18 Jun 2011
7:33 pm

Good grief! I just had Licor 43 for the first time. This is an absolutely amazing liqueur. Why is this not a part of more cocktails?