Michael S.

since March 2011


Captain's Blood Cocktail 6 Aug 2013
9:03 pm

Delightful drink.  I used the Appleton V/X that I had on hand and it worked nicely.  You mention that it’s an old drink - do we know when and where it first appeared?

Harvest Moon 21 Sep 2012
8:05 pm

Great find, Robert.  Thanks!

Jack Rose Cocktail 27 Jun 2012
7:42 pm

Thanks for doing this one, Robert.  To my palate a ratio of 3:1:1 is just right, and I do prefer lime juice, which seems to me to pair better with the regular Laird’s applejack than lemon (though my wife prefers lemon juice in her jack roses).

Biter Cocktail 25 Jan 2012
7:42 pm

Thank you for this one, Robert.  Very tasty.  I do think I prefer it to the champs elysees.  Chartreuse just blends with the botanicals of the gin so well.

Americano Cocktail 3 May 2011
7:08 pm


I have had the same question, especially because discovering the harmony and consistency that you can achieve with specific ratios and accurate measuring is one of the things that got me into cocktails in the first place.  (It first clicked for me with the French 75.)  I seem to recall Robert elsewhere stating his thought that the extra pour required to measure soda might cause the premature loss of some carbonation, making it flatter faster.

I tend to agree, so what I’ve been doing when I make drinks with soda water is to make sure that all my other variables are relatively consistent - same measurements of the other ingredients, same size glass, and ice always right to the top before adding the soda to the top.  The ice is key, because it seems to me that if you fill the glass all the way up with ice, not only is there not much room for the soda so you can only top it off, but you get more or less the same amount of soda every time.  If there is too much soda, I adjust the other ingredients.  For example, tonight I played a bit with mojitos.  First one was too light on the rum for my taste, and too heavy on the soda.  I added more rum, which simultaneously decreased the amount of soda I could put in.  I liked the result.  Anyway, that’s what I’ve been doing.

By the way, Robert, the americano is one of my favorites.  Ordered it at a restaurant bar over the weekend after I saw they had Campari.  The bartender hadn’t heard of it, but it’s such a straightforward drink that he made me a fine one after I gave him the recipe.

Lucien Gaudin Cocktail 15 Mar 2011
8:35 pm

This is a phenomenal cocktail.  It looks beautiful, and the cointreau and campari balance each other very nicely on top of what’s basically a martini base.  I’ve been using an orange peel as a garnish, which I feel complements the flavors of the drink nicely.  Campari and orange is just a great flavor pairing.