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Martini Cocktail 20 Jul 2012
12:58 pm

1. Where did you get those coupes? I’ve been looking for some about that size.
2. I’ve got that same mixing glass and love it.

This is almost exactly how I make mine (1/2 oz d vermouth, fee brothers orange bitters). You are most certainly a man of distinguished taste and refined character.

Young Man Cocktail 3 Feb 2012
2:58 pm

Just made my one. Very tasty. Light, easy to drink; what’s not to like? I imagine the brand of cognac makes a difference. Will experiment with that. I used Dolin sweet vermouth, and that seemed to work well; will try M&R later.

If you know any of he Bitter Truth folks, it would be nice to get there product more widely distributed through retail outlets in this country. I’ve seen it online, but would like the convenience of a local purveyor.  I’m here in the midwest (MN). We’ve the luxury of Haus Alpenz importing some fine products, but I don’t think anyone is bringing in Bitter Truth.

Celery Sipper Cocktail 12 Apr 2011
4:25 pm

I’m a celery nut.  I’m terribly excited to try this cocktail. Celery bitterness varies so much from head to head. I’ll be curious to see how the produce variation effects the final product. Garnish w/ celery leaves/top?
Also, I’ve got some celery bitters and will try adding a dash. Nice PUG muddler btw.
P Dubya

Gimlet Cocktail 9 Nov 2010
5:24 pm

One other drink worth having Rose’s on the shelf for is the Ginger Candy cocktail. Also, a bottle is 12 ounces. That’s about 15 Gimlets. While I usually think of these as a summery drink. I think I’ll go use up some of my Rose’s right now.
Disclosure: I have no affiliation with any company that produces or distributes Rose’s Lime Juice. I in no way benefit from increasing its sales.

Ritz Bijou 10 Feb 2009
1:22 pm

This drink looks great; all my favorite ingredients. I have enjoyed the unique taste of Hendricks gin in a number of cocktails. Thanks for documenting another one!

I noted the use of my preferred dry vermouth, Noilly Pratt. I thought I’d pass along what I read recently regarding this perfect-for-martini dry vermouth. Some genius at the company decided it was time to streamline their product line. The U.S. will now be shipped the same product they sell in Europe which apparently tastes quite different. The labeling will be a little different.

To delay the inevitable, I went long on Noilly Pratt and purchased a good number of bottles. I’m storing them in my basement fridge. Will this keep them good for a couple of years? Is my thinking they are like wine accurate?  I’m hoping another genius will create a new perfect-for-martini vermouth in the interim.

Thanks again for the great presentation; like the new look of the site too.