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How to Dry Shake a Cocktail - Ramos Gin Fizz 23 May 2016
3:46 pm

You know, I was just thinking of making a RGF this past weekend but, alas, no cream and I was too lazy to head out to the store for I settled for a Tom Collins instead (with a splash of cucumber liqueur.  But I digress…you said something in the video that got me thinking.  You mentioned using those little wire balls and that they act as whisks and then again at the end you mentioned that we’re looking to froth it up like a souffle.  Why not just put the egg beater attachment on the ‘ole hand mixer and let that go for about a minute?  I reckon that’ll be less mess, quicker and easier.  I plan on giving that a go this weekend. 

Anyway, thanks for the videos.  I don’t often post but I watch and I bet most folks are the same.

Old Fashioned Cocktail 23 May 2016
4:25 pm

I really enjoy the comment on these videos - no nastiness or sniping; just pleasant conversation.  Well done everyone!
Such a long life;  it’s now 2016 - nine years on this video.  With that said, my humble contribution.  While I generally skip the fruit in most of my cocktails - even in garnish (my own preference) I do like to take a reasonably thin, peeled slice of orange (say around 1/4 inch thick) and place that in the bottom of glass just before adding ice and giving it a gently muddle - really just a slight pressing with the muddler.  For me, it adds a wonderful brightness to the cocktail and, truth be told, I quite like a bourbon-soaked slice of orange when I’m done with the drink.  Plus, as if that weren’t enough, I like a healthy spasm of Ang. bitters, a less healthy spasm of Ang. orange bitters and a wee dash of Fee’s Chocolate bitters.  Perhaps, I should just skip the bourbon and enjoy the bitters?

East India House Cocktail 9 May 2009
9:28 am

I took a small can of pineapple juice (one cup), simmered it down by half and added a half cup of sugar, stirred until fully dissolved.  I added a bit of high proof vodka as a preservative.  This was pretty simple to make and while sweet, it’s not as sweet as you’d think - halving the pineapple juices seems to “darken” the flavour.  Anyway, I think it was great in this cocktail although I haven’t yet tried it with just pineapple juice as I used my last can for the syrup.