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Chamomile Sour Cocktail 8 Jan 2014
11:36 am

Hello Jamie,

Really interesting and appetizing recipe! And good points about the process of infusing spirits; having said that could you tell us how exactly, the quantity of chamomile and scotch (for 20 minutes or less in room temp as you mentioned in the film), you used to make the infused scotch, so that we can have a chance to find out what “it tastes ready” meant to you in this instance? And which scotch do you recommend (didn’t recognize the label in the film)? Would Famous Grouse work or would it be too peaty? Thanks for the great recipe and look forward to trying this soon as we have quite a few scotch cocktail fans here.


French 75 Cocktail 6 Jun 2014
11:42 am

Great insight Jeffery! I always also disliked the French 75 as a kind of weird cocktail, neither here nor there cocktail. This way it tastes much better, indeed an “ohhhhhh” moment.

However after a second though, isn’t this exactly what a Diamond Fizz is?

Well either way, certainly how I will be drinking this libation from now on.

Negroni Carbonated 3 Mar 2011
12:16 pm

Hello Jamie,

A great cocktail and a great technique. One question: can you please point me to where the Perlini system you use in the video can be purchased, or even what it is called. I have gone to the Perlage System website you mention in the description but the only product then offer is a “Perlage System Consumer Version” which obviously will not work in this scenario. I am based in Europe so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance and I hope to hear from you soon.

Best Regards,