Stacia Sasso

since February 2011


Hot Buttered Rum 28 Feb 2011
8:36 am

I also love to make a “hot buttered cider” this time of year.  We have so many wonderful organic apple ciders that are made here in Washington state that are perfect to substitute, when heated, for the water in any hot buttered rum recipe.

Chaplin Cocktail 28 Feb 2011
10:38 am

Why didn’t I ever think of substituting marsala for sherry in recipes before now?  I usually have more of it around since I cook with it a lot.  Thanks for that.  Also, I have noticed with the oxo measurer, since they include ml. on the side, that can be used to accurately pour 3/4 oz..  The equivalent is 23 ml..  For 2/3 oz. (also not marked) it is 20 ml.  A bar spoon, I have been told, is 1/8 oz., so a good tool for that measurement. :)