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Rubicon Cocktail 14 Feb 2011
11:28 pm

Hi Jamie, this is my first post here at SmallScreenNetwork. I just had to sign in: your work is a source of constant inspiration! Please keep it up and never change!

As for my question: I have always had a slight fear for glassware and fire. Is there absolutely no possibility that the glass, heated by the flame, will shatter when I pour the ice cold drink in it?

Fog Cutter 18 Mar 2011
8:23 am

@Chuck: in my experience the confusion about lemon/lime juice is derived from the fact that in the caribbean and latin america what we know as lime is actually called “lemon”. The mother of all confusions is in the Daiquiri, that is often supposed contain Lemon juice whereas Lime is the only lemon available in Cuba (sorry for the lemon-lime confusion :)
One method to tell the one to be used could be the region of origin of the cocktail (Lemon for US/canada and Europe opposed to Lime Cuba/Caribbean/latin america) but in the end it’s more of a taste preference… just don’t make a Daiquiri with yellow lemon ;)

Just my two cents :)