Steve Reynolds

since February 2011


Rye Old Fashioned Cocktail 6 Feb 2011
3:07 am

I’m curious about the differences in preparation between the drink in this video and the earlier Old Fashioned video from a few years ago.  The handling of the orange peel (added after the spirit in this video, prior to the spirit in the old one) seems relatively minor, and probably a stylistic choice more than anything else.  Of greater interest is the discrepancy in the quantity of simple syrup.  An eighth of an ounce is used here, as opposed to a half ounce in the earlier one.  I can understand maybe some slight difference depending on certain factors, and also that the amount of syrup used is going to vary based on personal preferences, but still, an eighth versus a half seems like a pretty large variance.  Is there any particular reason for this?  The older video uses bourbon as its spirit, versus the rye here – does this difference necessitate the change?  It appears as if demerara syrup is used with the bourbon drink, but not so with the rye, so perhaps this is also a factor?