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Singapore Sling Cocktail 18 Jan 2011
7:38 pm

I have seen this recipe quoted on other websites and I will certainly be trying it out… You say it is perhaps the recipe that is currently being used at the Raffles Hotel.  What do you think of Charles Baker’s formula, which he claims he got in 1926 (“and thereafter never forgotten”), well enough before the bartenders themselves forgot it , according to the lore:
    “The original formula is 1/3 each of dry gin, cherry brandy, and Benedictine; shake it for a moment, or stir it in a bar glass, with 2 fairly large lumps of ice to chill.  Turn into a small 10 oz highball glass with one lump of ice left in and fill up to individual taste with chilled club soda. Garnish with the spiral peel of 1 green lime. In other ports in the Orient drinkers often use C & C ginger ale instead of soda, or even stone bottle ginger beer.
    Our own final improved formula calls for 2 parts dry or Tom gin, to 1 part cherry brandy and 1 part Benedictine.  This is dryer, not too sweet.  We also use a trifle more ice in the glass than the Raffles technique.  One lump melts too quickly where we live among the coconut palms!”
—Charles H. Baker.  The Gentleman’s Companion, Vol. II, Exotic Drink Book.  Crown Publishers, New York, 1946.