Haiden Goodman

since December 2010


How to Fat Wash a Spirit 31 Dec 2010
10:42 pm

I noticed that you mentioned duck fat. Would that be good for this cocktail instead of bacon? I don’t eat pork, but this sounds interesting.

How to Fat Wash a Spirit 1 Jan 2011
6:56 am

Sweet. Thanks very much!

Margarita Cocktail 31 Dec 2010
11:48 pm

Hmm… You mention a traditional margarita being made with cointreau, but isn’t a traditional margarita made with tequila, agave nectar, and lime juice? It’s a very different flavor, but the agave nectar pairs perfectly with the tequila and is the recipe I’ve gotten from families in mexico. I use cointreau sometimes, but I prefer it with the agave.

Bloody Mary Cocktail 31 Dec 2010
11:15 pm

Mine is pretty unorthodox. I cook sliced potatoes in spicy-hot v8 for quite a while along with a couple of lime wedges, then strain that and let it chill. Afterwards I add the vodka. Cooking the potatoes in the v8 brings out a lot of the potato flavor. I’ve also had moderate success leaving the potatoes in and serving it hot as a soup. I’m still working on the right amount of vodka for that though. It’s delicious.

Bloody Mary Cocktail 2 Jan 2011
10:09 am

Wow. That sounds good.