Georges Remi

since April 2009


Last Word Cocktail 20 Aug 2009
10:01 pm

Great drink, complex flavors.  I like the concept of building a bar a cocktail at a time but even that becomes a bit difficult without some guidance.  You could spend a fortune, for example, trying out a variety of different gins alone.  At least in your clips you show what you’re using so someone can say to themselves “I think I’ll buy a bottle of Plymouth for my next gin”.  Personally, I like Plymouth for cocktails like this where the other liquors overpower the gin in their complexity, while I prefer Tanquery Ten or Junipero for cocktails where the gin is the centerpiece (but that took years and a lot of money to help me decide on that).  Therefore, I always appreciate when a “cocktail pro” discusses a specific brand so that I have a little more info on whether I want to lay down the money or not on a particular item.

One minor criticism I would have to make is that I think this is a horrible cocktail for someone getting into cocktails to start with and use to stock a bar.  I adore maraschino and Chartreuse but they are very specialized in their use, require a bit of a complex palate that many “beginners” don’t have and are certainly on the more expensive end of the spectrum.

Widow's Kiss 23 May 2009
6:52 pm

George, I think with experience (given that you have identified yourself as “new to cocktails”) you might find the concept of the dash to be part of what makes cocktails a little more exciting and interesting.  There’s nothing wrong with deciding 1/8 tsp = a dash (for example) but that does eliminate one of the nuances of cocktail making.  To each his own obviously but, for some reason, one of my favorite parts of making a cocktail is dashing the bitters into the mix.  Your point is well taken about how the spirits themselves are being so well measured and the bitters aren’t but at least for one that has been doing this a while I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Great work Robert, have enjoyed your Cocktail Spirit videos for a while (and this drink was great timing as I had just the week before picked up a bottle of Yellow Chartreuse).