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Brooklyn 1 Oct 2015
10:22 pm

Nice! Let me know what you like.

How to Carbonate and Bottle Cocktails - Ruban Bleu #2 12 Jul 2012
3:55 pm

How long will these store for? Will the citrus change much from sitting in the bottle over time?

Rye Old Fashioned Cocktail 2 Dec 2010
7:18 pm

This season of the Cocktail Spirit has been great. Love the style and flow of the new season and nothing wrong with revisiting a classic that is totally mangled by the masses.

Chaplin Cocktail 8 Sep 2009
8:55 pm

You mentioned that Angostura just started shipping the orange bitters to Seattle. Have you seen it in regular grocery stores, high-end grocery stores, or liquor stores? I still need to pick up a bottle and have not wanted to pay to have it shipped.

Festa Cocktail 6 Apr 2009
7:52 am

Robert, interesting drink, but I missed your typical verbage. While there is no history behind the drink, it would have been interesting/helpful to hear how you decided on the ingredients. Did you try something that didn’t work? Maybe it is just me, but I missed you squeezing the lime in the video too. Like you said the process is important, so by having the lime juice already to go, it didn’t feel as authentic.

While it might seem like nitpicking small things, I believe it is those small things that make the biggest difference and why your videos here, are the best I have run across on the web while I have been trying to learn about cocktails.

Festa Cocktail 6 Apr 2009
8:19 am

Thanks for listening. I am just one person so what I want to see may not make sense with the majority of viewers. Keep up the good work.