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Negroni Cocktail 4 Nov 2010
6:30 am

Hi Robert,
where was the Negroni first published? was it on the rocks in the first recipe? because an Americano is originally served on the rocks (tell me if i`m wrong). And the Negroni rise while dillution in my opinion. Another question is the orange twist. An Americano is originally made with orange and lemon twist (tell me if i`m wrong) but i guess the lemon fits more with the soda and a Negroni is without soda so maybe orange twist is originally used. what do you think?
p.s. with such a nice glasware i would serve an old fashioned straight up

Seelbach Cocktail 6 Sep 2010
4:33 am

is the original recipe (or the one from new classic cocktails) with a lemon or orange twist?

Chaplin Cocktail 3 Nov 2009
2:24 pm

is it a creation of the zig zag cafe or a classic recipe?

For europe and especially germany I have to contradict you that this drink is only possible with Ramazotti. We have hundreds of different bitterliquors (forget J

Saratoga Cocktail 22 May 2012
4:36 pm

In Wondrich`s Imbibe a Saratoga is a Fancy Brandy Cocktail with a dash of champagne (page 192, same as a Chicago Cocktail). That brings us closer to the recipe of Sauter which Marcel brought up. But why chose Thomas the name Saratoga for the above recipe? He should have known that there is a drink with that name.

Coffee Cocktail 24 Aug 2011
2:34 pm

But the chocolat cocktail in Kappelers “Modern American Drinks” include a dash of bitter. It just doesn`t include brandy. So to be precise your have to call your drink the chocolat coffee cocktail. But that sounds like starbucks.

Pink Gin Cocktail 31 Mar 2009
2:09 am

Robert, where was the pink gin first published?
I remember it was first made with Plymouth Gin which in my opinion fits perfect to angostura. And wasn`t it shaked not stirred?

Gin Fizz Cocktail 22 Apr 2009
1:27 pm

Hi Robert,
if we look at Thomas Book a fizz is a short drink without ice and only a little bit of soda and a collins is a longdrink with ice and a bottle of soda (steward & barkeepers manual 1868). With this definition you made a wounderfull John Collins :)