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Chas Cocktail 8 Mar 2011
10:18 am

This is a great and flavorful cocktail. Every sip is a little different depending on what your focus is on. I used Bulleit Bourbon this time as it was the only one I had handy, but I presume a different Bourbon will give the drink a different twist.

Now I have a question that you may have had before. Up here in Ontario, Canada, Orange Curaçao is nowhere to be found. We have the blue stuff, which I stay away from, but that’s it. What could be a good substitute for it? I guess Cointreau would do a decent job, but when both Orance Curaçao and Cointreau are used like in the of this drink, it changes the flavor mosaic a fair deal. I’ve used Grand Marnier this time, but ideally I’d like something a little cheaper. :)

Chas Cocktail 18 Mar 2011
6:44 am

Well, we have a province run liquor board here similar to Washington state as I understand it so the decisions that come out of there are sometimes a little out of wack. Much like the decision to stop selling Benedictine, but keeping B&B in Washington state.

Jasmine Cocktail 9 Nov 2010
4:01 pm

I’ve tried Robert’s version of that drink first and maybe it was because I am not that accustomed to Campari, but the bitterness just kicked me in the face. Then I made the Jasmine again but I just reduced the Campire a little (1/2 instead of 3/4) as Boavida did and my oh my, I found an incredible drink, that grapefruit flavor! Having tried the Negroni and the Rosita lately, Campari is starting to grow on me so I will definitely try Robert’s ratio again.