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Widow's Kiss 18 May 2009
9:14 am

I agree, Robert. No enhancing necessary to that glass. It’s beautiful as is. Might you be able to post any links that could direct us to some beautiful (classic) glassware like this? Also, where can I buy that mixing glass with the lip on it?

Widow's Kiss 18 May 2009
6:15 pm

George, I don’t hope to replace an answer from Robert, but I can’t agree with your claim of his inconsistency about bitters measurements. Any respectable cocktail book will state either one or two “dashes” of any given bitters. If you’re paying attention to his pouring of bitters in his videos, then that should settle the matter. A dash is one “shot” of bitters (meaning the little burst that comes out of the bottle with one shake). If you want to be sure how many dashes to use in a given one of his drinks here, then simply see how many times he shakes the bitters bottle. Easy.