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How to Use Egg in a Cocktail 17 May 2009
6:36 pm

Whether or not organic vs non actually provide a difference, to me is a moot point. I personally will only serve raw eggs that have been pasture raised, preferably where I have seen their living conditions. The disease rates that are in confined feeding lot operations are atrocious. Even looking at the vids the industry puts out, it’s pretty gross. Sorry to high jack the thread, but I really do feel that pasturing is the most important measure of good eggs (and the nutrition bares this out.

By the way, Jamie, what spirit are you adding there? Just curious.

Aviation Cocktail 20 Mar 2009
2:14 pm

RE hangovers: The main component of a hangover, the headache, red eyes, and such, is primarily dehydration. If you drink about a glass of water for every drink, you will never get a hangover. While I don’t currently drink more than maybe two or three drink in an evening now, I have in the past on occasion. I’ve only had a hangover once, and that was when I didn’t drink enough water. The other cure, of course, is just not to drink too much.

Also, I heard someone say something about Hendricks overpowering this cocktail. Anyone else think this is the case?