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Daiquiri Cocktail 12 Mar 2009
9:01 am

I am a bit confused here. On your drinkboy.com site, recipe for daiquiri calls for 1oz lime juice to one teaspoon sugar.
In this video you do 1/2 oz lime juice to 3/4 oz (rich?) sugar syrup. Isn`t this too much of a difference?


Daiquiri Cocktail 12 Mar 2009
11:23 am

Thanks for the clarification. I`ve made 5 daiquiris so far and I can`t make up my mind which one is “properly balanced” for my inexperienced palate :)
Good luck on your site updates!

How to Fat Wash a Spirit 7 Dec 2010
6:20 am

That looks delicious! Last few videos (new production) were truly great. Keep up the good work!

Tales of the Cocktail 2010 - Episode One 16 Aug 2010
6:15 am

Great and informative video. And the Scot guy is so crazy, charming and knowledgeable in the same way.

Manhattan Cocktail Classic 2010 5 Jun 2010
12:11 am

Very nice and informative video. Like the interviewer. Her style actually. Calm, lets the person talk, asks convenient questions to keep the conversation going… and the Belvenie guy is funny too :D

Margarita Cocktail 12 Mar 2009
11:39 am


I`m interested in your opinion on putting simple syrup in certain cocktails to “carry the flavor” of the drink.
Chris McMillan mentions it in his video of making margarita. He goes with 1,5 oz tequila ; 3/4 oz cointreau ; 3/4 oz lime juice and a dash of simple syrup “to carry the flavor”.
I made both (3:2:1 and 3:1:1 + syrup) variations, and I must say, while classic ratio highlights tequila more, the second one is more “tasty” and pleasant to drink.
Jamie Boudreau also mentions something about adding simple syrup “for the texture” of the drink.

How to Use Ice In Cocktails 9 Apr 2009
6:51 am

I`m also confused with this crushed ice thingy. Three other types I can understand, but “more water flavor without dilution” doesn`t sound right.

Crushed ice is usually very wet (if you beat it), thou it can be quite dry if you grind it right after taking if out of the freezer. In both cases it melts quickly adding more water to a drink.
From my experience: In a mint julep it works well to tone down the whisky. On the other hand I`ve never understood its purpose in a mojito. You have lime juice, club soda plus its a highball built drink. Ice melts just fine, taming the rum more than enough.

Festa Cocktail 7 Apr 2009
1:42 am

I agree too :) More story behind the particular cocktail & spirits.

I don`t agree with the remark about lime squeezing and other well known actions that have been done and talked about a dozen times during other episodes. They just take time & bandwidth :) Good thing you`ve cut them out. Everybody knows by now that fresh juices are essential for a good drink.

Keep up the good work!

Peruvian entry tops global rum test 8 Apr 2009
4:41 am

Havana Club? Appleton? El dorado?

Japanese Cocktail 30 Apr 2009
4:07 am

mmmm just made one… great cocktail!

One question: What is the shelf life of orgeat syrup? Or any other similar flavored syrup? Is it ok to keep it on the shelf? I`ve got Monin orgeat and it says it requires no refrigeration, but it doesn`t say how long can it last after being opened?