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Chamomile Sour Cocktail 22 Jul 2014
12:55 pm

Glad that you’re enjoying the shows! Keep it up!

Swagger Cocktail 11 Dec 2013
12:31 pm

Thanks for watching David.
Most tools can be found at cocktailkingdom.com while the glassware can be found at your local antique shop.

Smoking Monkey Cocktail 2 Nov 2013
1:22 pm

Paul to be honest I’m not sure as we go through it quite quickly. Over a week for sure, though!

Beauregarde's Breakfast Cocktail 17 Sep 2013
2:13 pm


How to Carbonate and Bottle Cocktails - Ruban Bleu #2 12 Jul 2012
2:02 pm

You can find them on amazon. Just google champagne bottle 375

How to Carbonate and Bottle Cocktails - Ruban Bleu #2 31 Jul 2012
12:58 pm

I am working with the inventor of Perlini to create a bulk carbonator. I currently use the prototype, but we are very much in the middle of refining the product.

How to Carbonate and Bottle Cocktails - Ruban Bleu #2 31 Jul 2012
12:59 pm

Brian: these store for at least a week. I go through them that quickly, so I can’t speak for longer time lines.

How to Carbonate and Bottle Cocktails - Ruban Bleu #2 23 Jul 2013
2:28 pm



How to Carbonate and Bottle Cocktails - Ruban Bleu #2 30 Aug 2013
3:15 pm

Amazon may not be the best, but it is the most convenient.
The best would be your local, well-stocked home brew/ wine shop as they would have them and you’d be supporting local business.

How to Make a Shrub for Cocktails - Rha Rha Number Two 28 Jun 2012
2:25 pm

The Rha Rha was originally made with rum. Works equally well with all white spirits.
The term “rhubarb” is a combination of the Ancient Greek rha and barbarum; rha refers both to the plant and to the River Volga. For centuries, the plant has grown wild along the banks of the River Volga, for which the ancient Scythian hydronym was Rhā

How to Make a Shrub for Cocktails - Rha Rha Number Two 9 Jul 2012
8:25 pm

Pat Ryan:
You put it through a juicer, as you would apples or celery.
Glad that you’re enjoying the shows.

How to Make a Shrub for Cocktails - Rha Rha Number Two 11 Jul 2012
10:55 am

The only way to know is to try…
Good luck!

How to Make a Shrub for Cocktails - Rha Rha Number Two 21 Aug 2012
11:13 am

SSN has many sponsors. When we get a new sponsor, there is usually a slew of episodes right away that uses their product. Raising the Bar does not use any products that I don’t think are quality products. If the sponsor gave us enough money to more than cover the episodes that they wanted, then we are able to shoot more episodes using non-sponsored products. Unfortunately ingredients, camera-men, post production and hosting all cost money, otherwise we’d have more shows. But be aware, there are more shows coming as we are going to be heading in a new direction soon.

How to Make a Shrub for Cocktails - Rha Rha Number Two 7 Apr 2013
5:40 pm

A shrub will last months if refrigerated

Evergreen Swizzle Cocktail 6 Jun 2012
6:56 pm

Thanks for the kind words all! I hope to see you soon H!

Barrel Aged Whitehook Cocktail 5 Feb 2013
2:35 pm

harry, try here: http://blog.khymos.org/

Barrel Aged Whitehook Cocktail 7 Mar 2013
11:51 am

I’ve found it’s best to age ingredients with clear base spirits in wood and brown spirits (with aperitfs/vermouths) in glass.
If you’re just doing this at home, use wood chips, they take up less room than a barrel and cost less.

Barrel Aged Whitehook Cocktail 2 May 2013
7:25 pm

yes, you should always clean out a barrel as you have no idea of the condition or what may be inside it.

Good luck!

Cointreau Pearls 27 Apr 2011
4:16 pm

Contact your Cointreau rep

Embalmer Cocktail 5 Apr 2011
9:18 am

Robert is right, ebay and antique stores are the best way to find. Don’t search for Napier or you’ll likely miss one. I’ve finally found a back-up and it wasn’t listed under Napier so it took many hours of searching. Also, due to its fantastic usability and rareness, expect to pay around $50.
The tea strainer was just found in a local kitchen supply store. There are many brands available, but try to find one that isn’t too finely woven.

Gunpowder and Smoke Cocktail 18 Mar 2011
8:51 am

Chris: The gunpowder liqueur recipe will be posted soon.

Tim: Your new boss is behind the times. Studies show that only 1 in 10,000 eggs MAY have salmonella and adding lemon and alcohol helps as well. Make sure that you are getting your eggs from a good source and you should be fine. There is a small danger, but in my many many years of using eggs, we have never received an illness. I’ve seen MANY more health related incidents with mayo than with egg white in a cocktail. If he’s still not convinced, use pasteurized egg whites.

Joan: Shaking is very personal and everyone should try to find their own style. My style is a VERY adapted version of the Japanese Hard Shake (so adapted as to be unrecognizable) and was developed to create less torque on an injured shoulder.

Gunpowder tea is named as such because it looks like little round pellets and the English named it such as it reminded them of blackpowder grains.

Gunpowder and Smoke Cocktail 24 Jan 2014
5:49 pm

Yes I use the Norpro mister and I use the Bonjour Milk Frother with the SOLID BLADE for eggs.
Happy mixing.

Petruchio Cocktail 9 Mar 2011
8:20 am

Clayton: you put the egg white in first to ensure that on the rare instance when egg shell or yolk get into the shaker, you don’t have to throw out the expensive spirit inside or spend time attempting to fish out the offending objects.

Blair: gomme is unnecessary, thanks to the egg white.

Nick: it is true, I am using good ice. In the older videos it was Kold-Draft, but in this case chunks and cubes chipped from a 300lb block.

James: the majority of my equipment comes from cocktailkingdom.com

Negroni Carbonated 15 Feb 2011
10:31 am

The soda syphon, while it will work, is unfortunately nowhere near as good, as the pressure that is released is way too high to properly dissolve in the liquid.
The best way to emulate at home would be to place several Negronis (to the fill line of your particular syphon) and leave in the fridge and use when needed. (The ratio of gas to liquid is too high with only one or two Negronis). 
And yes, water is needed. To ensure it is the correct amount of water, stir your Negroni(s) over ice as you would normally do, and the strain into the syphon and charge. Your charged Negroni is now immediately ready and as you are storing the syphon in the fridge, under gas, the rest of the Negronis will keep indefinitely until you desire the next one!
Thanks for watching!

Negroni Carbonated 15 Feb 2011
1:51 pm

A creamer will not work very well. You would need to use CO2 not N2O and the pressure and delivery system are too powerful to trap the bubbles in liquid and dispense into a cocktail glass. The syphon is a little better, but even that system makes it difficult to dispense liquid into a cocktail glass.

Negroni Carbonated 17 Feb 2011
2:52 pm

The 1:1:1 is the classic Negroni ratio.  I find this too sweet (especially if served up, on the rocks it’s a little better) and so, with the patron’s blessing, usually do 1 1/2 gin, 3/4 vermouth, 1/2 Campari, dash of Ango orange bitters. Stir. Up.

Negroni Carbonated 18 Feb 2011
3:53 pm

I found mine at an antique store as well.

Negroni Carbonated 7 May 2011
11:55 am

It brings out the tannins. I’ve yet to have great results.

Negroni Carbonated 1 Sep 2012
7:35 pm

Glad that you enjoy the show!
Look here: http://perlagesystems-accessories.com/

Zim Zala Bim Cocktail 21 Jan 2011
9:23 am

In this drink, it is very important. Fee’s tastes like bright candied orange and Stirrings isn’t bitter at all. We need something darker and the cardamom pop of Regan’s fits the bill. Angostura orange could work as well, but one would have to pick the right tequila.