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Cosmopolitan Cocktail 14 Aug 2011
5:23 am

Nice episode, I like your attitude and approach to consistency and the lime twist instead of the overused flamed orange zest was a nice touch. All I would say though is that you would be much better off fine straining your shaken drinks whenever they are served straight up, especially having used spent lime wedges, so as to avoid chewing on ice splinters and bits of pulp. I learned this the hard way after having my arse kicked by some undeniably superb bartenders and I now always double strain without fail. This is just my view of course, and would love to hear your thoughts. All the best. x

The Varnish - Los Angeles - Eric Alperin & Chris Bostick - Ramos Gin Fizz 4 Jan 2011
11:56 am

Good episode, absolute classic drink, standard. Billy it’d be nice if these episodes were toned down a bit, the guys seem like really good bartenders and the choice of drink and location; sweet. But a bit loud and boisterous, that’s not what we do behind the bar.

Cheers, and keep posting pal!

How to Smoke a Cocktail 4 Jan 2011
12:11 pm

Jamie, loved this episode and I’ll be sure to show my peers at cocktail bar Nuvo in Birmingham, UK. We’re all big fans of your work, keep it up!

Hot Toddy - Blue Blazer Style 4 Jan 2011
12:28 pm

Love this, I’m used to flaming blazers with a butane torch but this is a really solid technique!

Tales of the Cocktail 2010 - Episode One 25 Sep 2010
7:07 pm

Really good video, a gentleman with a great deal of knowledge, thanks for sharing!