anthony vitacca

since September 2010 job Head Bartender


Luxury Gin & Tonic Cocktail with Cucumber Lime Foam 7 Jun 2012
10:36 am

Cool cocktail Kathy! I use pasturized egg whites, e.g. Egg Beaters for my foams. My foams fall very quickly once on my cocktails. Woud I achieve greater stability with fresh egg whites? Plus, is that why you also add gelatin…for greater stability? Does the more protein you add equal greater stability? Thank-you, Anthony

Martin Miller's Gin - 'Trade Up' Winner - Junior Ryan's Strega Sour 15 Dec 2011
10:09 am

Could someone please tell me where Jamie gets his really cool, crystal mixing glass and his golden spoons???!!! Where does he get any of his antique tools for that matter??!!



Kaffir Colada 22 Sep 2012
1:01 pm

Hello Kathy. Is that a 16 oz or 32 oz ISI canister you are using?  Thanx, Anthony