Charles W Greenwood

since March 2009


Manhattan Cocktail 27 Feb 2011
11:00 am


It seems that OXO is not in a hurry to add that 3/4 oz mark that you and several others, I am sure would like, as well.

Note on the side of the measurer of the usual kitchen model is a marking in ml (milliliters).

22 1/2 mls = 3/4 oz.  Mark this with a piece of waterproof Steri-strip using the law of the meniscus (Wikipedia) in the ml line and this will help until OXO sees it our way.

Thanks for all you have done for this great site.

C W Greenwood MD

Hurricane 24 Feb 2011
2:11 pm

Dear Robert:  You might try “Hawaiian Punch” if you can not find passion fruit base; but only as a last resort.

Keep up the good work.