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Derby Cocktail 1 May 2009
7:14 am

Hello Robert, I know the same recipe (just 1/2oz of simple syrup more) called a American Sazerac, i drank this cocktail and the original sazerac, with cognac(many time, maybe too many to be in thesame nite), the original has no rivals!!!! By the way i know a recipe for a derby cocktail: 2 dash Peach bitter 2 spring fresh mint 1 glass (50ml) Dry Shake and Strain in cocktail glass (Henry Craddock, The Savoy cocktail book) or The Brown Derby cocktail 50ml Bourbon 25ml Fresh Grapefruit juice 10ml Honey Water Shake n Strain into cocktail Glass(The craft of the cocktail, Dale DeGroff) i didn't try ur recipe yet but i will soon, i love MAKER'S MARK