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Less Is More

Like many homebrewers, when I come up with a new recipe I do a lot of research online. I spend hours reviewing dozens of recipes posted on websites and forums by hundreds of homebrewers. This is a great way to see the nearly infinite ways there are to brew almost any type of beer, true to style or not. But one thing I always come away with, no matter the style of beer I am looking to brew, is how many homebrewers incorporate far too many ingredients into their beers. There is a huge difference in how homebrewers make their beers and how breweries make theirs. This is not to say that how we make our beers at home is wrong, just that it is much easier to throw a whole bunch of ingredients in home brewed beers because the amount of money to create a five or ten gallon batch is nothing compared to a brewery making six, ten or 100 barrels of beer. But still I wonder why so many homebrewers feel it necessary to throw in everything but the kitchen sink. By comparison when you visit the websites of most breweries they usually list only two to four malts in their beers and a short list of hops.

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Situation: Rebrew

Like they say, “You win some, you lose some.” My biggest win since I began brewing again a few months ago was just that, the fact that I started brewing again. The most recent loss, however, was a night a few weeks ago when I opened all the bottles from two entire batches and dumped them down the drain.

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The Neighborhood Pub

A life philosophy that I try to elevate in my life every day is something I call “The Four Fs – Family, Friends, Food & Fun.” Besides the obvious things we need to live, like basic nutrition, water and shelter, these things are vital for our survival, and we don’t truly need much more than that. But in this country, with all of our technology and materialism, a philosophy so simple seems harder to maintain with every passing day. The neighborhood pub helps me include these things in my life.

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My Beer Story

One year, while working and going to college in Rhode Island, I came back to Bainbridge Island to visit my parents. They took me to a new pub on the island and I ordered something called a “microbrew.” It was a pint of Hales Pale Ale. After years of blissful ignorance drinking mass-produced beers it was like the roof and clouds above me opened up and a light shined down onto my head and the ale glass in my hands. It was full of the elixir of the gods. It was a moment of enlightenment; a moment of clarity. A rush of awareness flowed through my mouth and down my throat, into my veins and swirled around in my brain. It was as if my whole world was changing. To this day, whenever I get a six pack of that beautiful American Pale Ale I am instantly transported back to that first sip of “real” beer.

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