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Paul Clarke

Posted on April 25, 2011 by Small Screen Colin

“My therapist thinks it’s too soon to think very much about the details of that night, plus with that Ramos Gin Fizz incident — really, who puts Ardbeg in those things? Oh, right: JIM ROMDALL — it’s probably best if I kept quiet.”

Website URL: Cocktail Chronicles
Twitter Handle: @cocktailchron
Favorite Spirit: I’m an American whiskey kinda guy
Favorite Cocktail Tool: Aside from my liver and my mouth, I’d have to say my favorite drink utensils at home are my Rosle bar spoon and my cheap-ass plastic Kuhn Rikon peeler; the former has great feel and balance, and it’s actually kinda fun to use, and the latter slices citrus peel with the perfect thickness—thin so there’s no pith, but still thick enough that the zest doesn’t feel flimsy.
Plus, it’s so cheap (like around $4) that when one gets dull or starts to rust, I don’t feel bad about chucking it and buying another
Bartending Experience: Aside from pouring pitchers of Coors Light for fake ID-bearing customers during college, I have no bartending experience. At all. Nada

Jina Campbell 26 Mar 2012
11:27 pm

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