Barback Pro-Am Profiles

Stevi Deter

Posted on April 25, 2011 by Small Screen Colin

“I had great fun spending time with Jim and Rocky. I tried to focus on not breaking things and not causing Jim to get too far behind”

Website URL: Two At The Most
Twitter Handle: @smd
Favorite Spirit: Gin. No, Rye. No, Rum
Favorite Cocktail Tool: I make mostly stirred drinks at home, and my current favorite bar spoon is the Uber ProStirrer
Bartending Experience: I’ve made drinks at a couple of office parties, mostly focusing on teaching people that there is no blender involved in making a margarita. I’ve never been behind a working bar before

Alvaro Burgess 8 Jun 2012
5:10 am

Would like to know your fun? can you share some pics?

Pocket Knives

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