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Marleigh Riggins Miller

Posted on April 25, 2011 by Small Screen Colin

“The experience of working behind the bar gave me a greater appreciation for how hard bartenders (and especially barbacks) work. Obviously I knew how much work the mixing/cleaning/carrying is, but there’s so much attention and anticipation going into each drink. It’s hard to imagine what the level of service would be if bartenders were responsible for everything.”

Website URL: Sloshed!
Twitter Handle: @nerdling
Favorite Spirit: Green Chartreuse
Favorite Cocktail Tool: Yarai mixing glass
Bartending Experience: My bartending experience is primarily confined to making drinks at home—for myself and friends, as well as mixing up punches. Mostly my spirits and cocktail knowledge is a useful party trick

Peter Johny 26 Jul 2012
4:02 am

Glad to know about this it would be nice if you share your cocktail knowledge with all of us.

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rdokoye 2 Sep 2014
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