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Humuhumu Trott

Posted on April 25, 2011 by Small Screen Colin

“I understand now why so many of my cocktail dork friends with 9-5 day jobs have started picking up shifts here and there behind the bar… how addictive! Even in my one-night role as a piece of obstructing grit in an otherwise well-oiled machine, being able to play a part in bringing liquid magic to the masses was an absolute thrill. Let’s do it again!”

Website URL: Humuhumu
Twitter Handle: @humuhumu
Favorite Spirit: Demerara Rum
Favorite Cocktail Tool: An ice pick – so dangerous, so useful
Bartending Experience: My experience with drinkmaking springs from my interest in the history of Tiki bars and Polynesian restaurants. Most of my bartending has happened either behind a home bar or at a makeshift setup at a party, often for a largish group of friendly, happy tikiphiles


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