Barback Pro-Am Profiles

Jennifer Heigl

“I really had a fantastic time assisting behind the bar. It was great to get a different point of view – behind the bar instead of sipping a cocktail from in front of it. A thoroughly fantastic opportunity!”

Website URL: Daily Blender
Twitter Handle: @dailyblender
Favorite Spirit: St. Germain
Favorite Cocktail Tool: The Muddler!
Bartending Experience: The Barback Pro-Am was my first time behind the bar, though I have about five years of kitchen and FOH experience.

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Quinn Sweeney

“ If ever a friend texts to ask if you can barback next time he is in town, assume he’s up to no good”

Website URL: Libation Lab
Twitter Handle: @m_quinn
Favorite Spirit: mezcal and bourbon (don’t make me choose between the two)
Favorite Cocktail Tool: The handcrafted oak and buffalo horn muddler I made with my dad in Vermont.
Bartending Experience: I poured a few beers in college, but nothing of note.

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Humuhumu Trott

“I understand now why so many of my cocktail dork friends with 9-5 day jobs have started picking up shifts here and there behind the bar… how addictive! Even in my one-night role as a piece of obstructing grit in an otherwise well-oiled machine, being able to play a part in bringing liquid magic to the masses was an absolute thrill. Let’s do it again!”

Website URL: Humuhumu
Twitter Handle: @humuhumu
Favorite Spirit: Demerara Rum
Favorite Cocktail Tool: An ice pick – so dangerous, so useful
Bartending Experience: My experience with drinkmaking springs from my interest in the history of Tiki bars and Polynesian restaurants. Most of my bartending has happened either behind a home bar or at a makeshift setup at a party, often for a largish group of friendly, happy tikiphiles

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Ron Dollete

“Those eggs I got are probably still in the bar’s fridge untouched since we left. They should probably toss ‘em out.”

Website URL: Lush Angeles
Twitter Handle: @lushangeles
Favorite Spirit: Rum, especially Smith & Cross
Favorite Cocktail Tool: Cheater tins
Bartending Experience: I’ve worked a few shifts in Portland, but most of my experience is on the barstool.

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Tatsu Oiye

“Jim and Rocky taught me a very important lesson that night. But I have no idea what it was because after the 7th shot things get sorta fuzzy…”

Website URL: Cocktail Community
Twitter Handle: @toiye
Favorite Spirit: Thomas Handy Rye
Favorite Cocktail Tool: Fine Strainer
Bartending Experience: One evening barbacking at Liberty in Seattle and one evening barbacking at 320 Main in Seal Beach. That’s it

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Chuck Taggart

“I had a blast! I learned a lot, and I actually wish it had been a bit busier (it was a somewhat slow night in the bar). I also learned never to run unless someone’s chasing you with something pointy.”

Website URL: Looka
Twitter Handle: @SazeracLA
Favorite Spirit: Ooh … that’d have to be a 3-way tie between Bourbon whiskey, rye whiskey and gin
Favorite Cocktail Tool: I love my big, heavy, Japanese-made Yarai mixing glass
Bartending Experience: Nothing professional (yet), but I’ve bartended some good-sized parties for which we made a cocktail menu.

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Marleigh Riggins Miller

“The experience of working behind the bar gave me a greater appreciation for how hard bartenders (and especially barbacks) work. Obviously I knew how much work the mixing/cleaning/carrying is, but there’s so much attention and anticipation going into each drink. It’s hard to imagine what the level of service would be if bartenders were responsible for everything.”

Website URL: Sloshed!
Twitter Handle: @nerdling
Favorite Spirit: Green Chartreuse
Favorite Cocktail Tool: Yarai mixing glass
Bartending Experience: My bartending experience is primarily confined to making drinks at home—for myself and friends, as well as mixing up punches. Mostly my spirits and cocktail knowledge is a useful party trick

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Stevi Deter

“I had great fun spending time with Jim and Rocky. I tried to focus on not breaking things and not causing Jim to get too far behind”

Website URL: Two At The Most
Twitter Handle: @smd
Favorite Spirit: Gin. No, Rye. No, Rum
Favorite Cocktail Tool: I make mostly stirred drinks at home, and my current favorite bar spoon is the Uber ProStirrer
Bartending Experience: I’ve made drinks at a couple of office parties, mostly focusing on teaching people that there is no blender involved in making a margarita. I’ve never been behind a working bar before

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Paul Clarke

“My therapist thinks it’s too soon to think very much about the details of that night, plus with that Ramos Gin Fizz incident — really, who puts Ardbeg in those things? Oh, right: JIM ROMDALL — it’s probably best if I kept quiet.”

Website URL: Cocktail Chronicles
Twitter Handle: @cocktailchron
Favorite Spirit: I’m an American whiskey kinda guy
Favorite Cocktail Tool: Aside from my liver and my mouth, I’d have to say my favorite drink utensils at home are my Rosle bar spoon and my cheap-ass plastic Kuhn Rikon peeler; the former has great feel and balance, and it’s actually kinda fun to use, and the latter slices citrus peel with the perfect thickness—thin so there’s no pith, but still thick enough that the zest doesn’t feel flimsy.
Plus, it’s so cheap (like around $4) that when one gets dull or starts to rust, I don’t feel bad about chucking it and buying another
Bartending Experience: Aside from pouring pitchers of Coors Light for fake ID-bearing customers during college, I have no bartending experience. At all. Nada

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