Berry Purity H2O Cocktail

The Berry Purity H2O plays into the Spa Sip and H20 cocktail trend for those imbibers that are looking for a dryer-style cocktail that is easy on the waistline. It is light and refreshing and full of flavor from the berry water and the complex character of Purity Vodka.


1 oz Purity Vodka

3 oz Berry Water

Berry Water

1 cup mixed berries

1 long piece of lemon zest

4 cups distilled or bottled high-quality water


Serve the vodka mixed with the Berry Water either shaken and served strained or just combined over ice.

Berry Water

Combine the ingredients in a glass pitcher and let sit, refrigerated, for at least 4 hours—or preferably overnight, before serving.


blair frodelius 2 Nov 2010
4:08 pm


Why did you choose Purity as your vodka?  It’s an interesting choice as it is distilled from two grains. 

Also, I’m curious as to the use of Fiji water to leach the berry flavours from the fresh produce.  Is there a reason you don’t muddle the berries for extra flavor?

Very interesting cocktail and I’m curious to see more of these low-sugar drinks in future.


Blair Frodelius

Kathy Casey 2 Nov 2010
4:32 pm

I love the complex charecter flavor of Purity Vodka and it pairs well nicely with infused waters. You can muddle the berries in the Fiji water - but i like the idea of letting the fruit infuse whole over time - giving it the beautiful pink translucent color but with lots of flavor.
I feel there is a big movment to cockails that are dry and crisp and easy on the waistline.
Enjoy- Kathy

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